Event Marketing & Communications (EMC) is a full service public relations, advertising and television production agency.  
Along with writing and distributing press releases setting up press conferences and handling events, EMC also provides the
following services:  produce and distribute flyers and brochures; design and place and advertising; and design websites.

The marketing approach and philosophy of Event Marketing and Communications (EMC) is to develop an intriguing story that
can be delivered to the media that will entice the consumer.  

Having coordinated numerous media tours, hosted press conferences and worked on events in all major markets across the
country and around the world, EMC has cultivated personal relationships will every type of media in every major market.  We
take pride in the fact that we know the media and what types of stories that specific media, whether it be a newspaper journalist,
television reporter or radio sports talk show host likes to report on and deliver that specific story to them.

industry.  The number of world championship fights we have been involved with is insurmountable.  We have announced
professional debuts of more than ten boxers and marketed them as they became world champions.  

Dating back to 1993, we have worked on the biggest fights in boxing history, including Mayweather-Pacquiao, Lewis-Tyson,
Holyfield-Foreman, Holyfield-Bowe I, II & III, De La Hoya-Chavez, De La Hoya-Whitaker, Camacho-Duran, Pazienza-Duran, Jones-
Pazienza, Sugar Ray Leonard-Camacho, Gatti-Ward I, II & III, De La Hoya-Vargas, Trinidad-Vargas, Trinidad-Hopkins, Holyfield-
Lewis I & II, Jones-Tarver I, II & III, Jones-Ruiz among many others.

We have worked on numerous casino Grand Openings in Atlantic City and were involved in Official All Star Cafe grand openings
throughout the world.

For Celebrity Golf's American Century Championship in Lake Tahoe, we produce daily satellite feeds and satellite media tours
for the top players at the event, including Donald Trump, Cheryl Ladd, Mike Schmidt, Charles Barkley, Jerry Rice, John Elway
and Johnny Bench,

We have worked with the following fighters throughout their careers, publicizing and marketing each of their fights and marketed
their image between fights:  Roy Jones, Jr., Lennox Lewis, Fernando Vargas, Arturo Gatti.

We have worked with the following promoters on an ongoing basis:  Main Events, Top Rank, Don King Productions and Square
Ring; and with the following venues:  Madison Square Garden, Caesars Atlantic City, Bally’s Atlantic City, Boardwalk Hall in
Atlantic City.
From the beginning . . .

Since October 2005), EMC has headed publicity efforts, developed collateral and in some instances advertising the following events:  

Roy Jones Jr.- Glen Johnson (9/25/04), event which took place in Memphis, TN.  EMC handled all publicity for the fight which was broadcast  live
on HBO’s World Championship Boxing.  Produced and coordinated all fight week events and handled all credentials.

Trinidad-Mayorga (10/02/04), live on pay-per-view – headed print, radio and television publicity efforts nation-wide, produced banners, produced a
live weigh-in for ESPN, live satellite media tours for both fighters and distributed video highlights every day on fight week via satellite.

“Save Ellis Island”/Budd Shulberg charity event (Oct. 29, 2004) which took place on the anniversary of Schulberg’s “On the Waterfront.”  EMC
produced the video shown that evening and headed publicity efforts.

November 13, 2004 “Battle for Supremacy” heavyweight extravaganza that took place at Madison Square Garden.  EMC worked on publicity
leading up to the fight, including coordinating conference calls and setting up interviews with the fighters.  EMC produced fight banners and  
produced and distributing credentials for over 450 media which attended the event and handled all satellite uplinks, satellite media tours with the
fighters and produced a live weigh-in via satellite.

“Heavyweights Across America” was the brainchild of EMC, a day in which the eight heavyweights held media days in six cities spanning the
continental United States.  The following day, six of the “Heavyweights Converged on New York City” and were in the gym at one time working out.  
It was and unprecedented two days.

November 20, 2004 - Coordinated the press conference for Square Ring and Goossen Tutor’s signing of Olympic Gold Medallist Andre Ward in
Los Angeles, CA.

Gatti-Leija (January 29, 2005) took place at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City.  The vent sold out.  EMC coordinated all publicity for the event and
handled all credentials.

April 23, 2005 - ESPN held its inaugural pay-per-view boxing event.  EMC coordinated all media events and publicity leading up to the fight,
produced banner and wrote and produced a ten-minute “Barker Show”/infomercial sent out to all ESPN affiliates for them to broadcast promoting
the pay-per-view event.  The show, which took place at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, sold out and did 150,000 pay-per-view buys – well above

April 29, 2005 – In Cleveland, OH, Roy Jones Jr.’s Square Ring promoted an event introducing two Olympians making their professional debuts.  
EMC coordinated all publicity and handled all credentials for the event.

April 30, 2005 – World Heavyweight Championship at Madison Square Garden.  EMC handled all credentials for the event.

May 14, 2005 – Trinidad-Wright, live on pay-per-view.  EMC coordinated all pre-fight publicity, produced banners, made press kits, developed and
coordinated fight week events, including producing a live weigh-in for ESPN and daily highlights delivered to TV nationwide.

June 11, 2005 – Top Rank boxing at Madison Square Garden.  Coordinated fight week events and handles all credentials for the event.

June 25, 2005 – Gatti-Mayweather, live on pay-per-view.  Coordinated all pre-fight publicity, including producing banners and conference calls and
press kits.  Handled all fight week events and publicity, including press conferences, satellite media tours, produced live weigh-in for ESPN and
distributed daily video highlights to all stations nationwide via satellite.  The event did 50% higher than expected on pay-per-view.

July 13-15 – Celebrity Golf Championship in Lake Tahoe for NBC TV.  Coordinated satellite media tours with Donald Trump, Mike Schmidt, Charles
Barkley, Jason Kidd, John Elway, Dan Marino, Johnny Bench, Jerry Rice and Chris Webber among others.  Coordinated daily highlight satellite
feeds.  This was all done to promote the event for television rating and America Century, the sponsor of the event.

August 13, 2005 – World Heavyweight Championship in Chicago, IL – live on pay-per-view.  EMC coordinated all publicity for Brewster-Golota at
the United Center, including producing banners, coordinating conference calls and fight week events, including satellite media tours, press
conference and weigh-in feeds.

August 20, 2005 – Vargas vs. Castillejo in Chicago, IL.  Produced banners for the event, and assisted in fight publicity including coordinating
conference calls.

September 3, 2005 – Don King Productions boxing in Cleveland, OH.  EMC assisted in pre-fight publicity and handled all credentials for the event.

October 1, 2005 – Jones-Tarver 3.  The conclusion of this great trilogy and we were heavily involved in all three, producing press kits and
banners.  Coordinated all pre-fight publicity for all three.  This fight did 405,000 pay-per-view buys – well over expectations.  Much better than the
second fight which was much better than the first fight.  It was unfathomable that this fight would do better than the second – Jones hadn’t fought
for a year and had been knock out the last two times he did fight.  On top of that, Jones only spoke to the media for a total of 17 seconds during
the whole promotion.  EMC handled all pre-fight publicity, including fight week and handled all credentials.
Marketing Examples
Camacho-Duran.  At the press conference to announce Camacho-Duran, which was to be broadcast live on pay-per-view, a fight broke out
between the two.  Two hours later, a Video News Release was distributed nation-wide via satellite – in the interim, an advisory was sent out to all
television stations and networks in the top twenty five markets.  The footage was seen on more than 100 news stations that evening.

Chavez-de la Hoya.  We coordinated an unprecedented 12-day, 23-city coast-to-coast media tour with Oscar de la Hoya and Julio Cesar Chavez,
promoting their epic showdown from Caesars Palace in Las Vegas show nation-wide on closed circuit.  Historically speaking, it was the last fight
broadcast exclusively on closed circuit and not pay-per-view.

Roy Jones, Jr.  We developed a video of Roy Jones, Jr. that facilitated him being signed to a promotional contract with Nike.  To this day, Jones
has been the only boxer under contract to the shoe conglomerate.

Rahman-Lewis II.  During a press tour to promote Rahman-Lewis II, we were in the middle of a Los Angeles media day which included eight
interviews on radio and television stations as they sat side-by-side.  On the seventh interview a full-blown fight broke out live on the set of ESPN’s
Up Close.  Moments later we placed a call to Associated Press, the story was written and was in practically every newspaper across the country the
next day and was the topic of conversation on virtually every sports talk radio station nation-wide.  With permission from ESPN, a satellite advisory
was sent out to TV stations and networks in the top 25 markets with instructions for them to use the video.

Lewis-Tyson.  While working with World Heavyweight Champion Lennox Lewis in London England as he was preparing to defend his title against
Francois Botha, we were doing a series of television interviews following a press conference.  At the time there was a lot of talk regarding he and
Mike Tyson and the fact they would never fight each other because of the rival networks they were under contract to.  Lennox believed that was
the case and reiterated that in his interviews.  Myself, on the other hand, believed that if Tyson wanted to fight Lennox Lewis, Tyson would force
Showtime (his network) to make the fight happen.  I pulled Lennox aside and told him how I felt.  He articulated the same in following interviews,
calling Tyson out.  Before long, negotiations were taking place for a fight NO ONE in the industry thought would ever take place..  We did publicity
for Lewis-Tyosn, which turned out to be the largest grossing pay-per-view event ever ($112M).

Gatti-Mayweather.  Arturo Gatti was unable to show up at the press conference announcing this mega-fight to be broadcast live on pay-per-view.  
Mayweather was mouthing off about how Gatti was afraid of him enough not to show up.  I handed the Arturo Gatti dais card for a photo op.  The
photo was on the wire services world-wide within hours.

Gatti-Mayweather.  The day tickets went on sale for Gatti-Mayweather (Boardwalk Hall sold out in less than two days) we got word there was a
huge line at the ticket window and people were camped out all night.  The camera crew and I went to the box office, shot the line, interviewed the
first person in line who had just bought tickets and produced a satellite feed (TV’s in top 100 markets were notified) a few hours later.  It was shown
on ESPN that night.

Tarver-Jones 3.  Roy Jones, Jr. did not show up to this press conference, so we did the same with Tarver and Jones’ dais card and got the same
results as above.

At different times, unplanned incidents happen that need to be publicized.  Most of the time, the unplanned incidents are what drives the event.

ESPN entered into pay-per-view boxing this past year.  EMC coordinated press conferences and conference calls to announce their new venture.  
One would think that ESPN would produce their own barker show (a ten-minute infomercial they would distribute to affiliates) to promote their April
23 boxing event.  They were unable to do it in-house, so EMC wrote and produced she show for ESPN to distribute.  The event did 150,000 pay-
per-view buys, well above expectations.

For numerous boxing events over the years (Jones-Tarver, Trinidad-Vargas, De La Hoya-Vargas, among many others) ESPN was not able to
make it to the event, but wanted to have footage of the press conferences and weigh-in’s for Sports Center and ESPNews.  EMC produces and
transmits via satellite those events for live and/or taped usage in ESPN quality – enough so that they are confident they will get the programming
without having to send people to the site.